The Portuguese Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is holding a seminar on the Construction and building materials cluster today

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: The Portuguese pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is organizing a seminar on construction and building materials today, the event focuses on construction, building materials and products in general, in particular natural stone and ceramics, and organized in partnership with AICCOPN (Association of Civil and Public Construction Industry of Public Works), APCMC (Portuguese Association of Building Materials), APICER (Portuguese Association of Ceramics and Domestic Glass Industries), ANIET (Portuguese Association of Mining and Manufacturing Industry) and ASSIMAGRA (Portuguese Association of Mineral Resources Industry).

The speakers’ presentations highlighted the capabilities and expertise of Portuguese companies, as well as the strengths of our offer, such as high product quality, innovative design, improved technologies and sustainable solutions. All this combined with a very special touch based on Portuguese tradition and culture, where the influences brought by centuries-old relationships with such diverse people from Africa, America, Arabia, India, Asia and of Oceania, have gained its presence, and information on websites, collective marks and platforms where it is possible to learn more about specific products and companies to do business with, as well as their importance, ambition and quality.

“The objective of our presence at this seminar is to make a brief presentation of the Portuguese construction and real estate sector, to present the Portuguese offer in construction materials and our expertise in architecture, engineering and construction, fields where Portugal has real and well-differentiated assets. advantages and promote Portuguese companies and their international positioning in world markets. It is a highly relevant activity for the national economy, with a consolidated and dynamic business environment, but also a wide and prestigious presence in international markets. Promoting the know-how, competence and prestige of Portuguese companies and paving the way for the enhancement of business partnerships, are the main objectives of this seminar”. Said Sónia Oliveira, Secretary General, AICCOPN

“All over the world, construction is considered fundamental for the economy, competitiveness and job creation and, in Europe, this sector plays a central role in the ‘recovery and resilience strategy, because it is essential to address structural challenges such as climate change and digital. transition, youth unemployment, urban regeneration, energy efficiency, mobility and enables investing today to build a more inclusive and sustainable future. In Portugal, the construction and real estate sector represents 16.8% of GDP and 50.3% of total annual investment and is one of the main drivers of Portuguese economic growth and employment. In recent years, Portugal has shown a new approach and a high degree of vitality and creativity in all sectors of the building materials industry and the construction industry. Today, it is well positioned to become one of the world’s leading providers of these products and services. Indeed, not only in Portugal but in many markets there are many examples of exemplary constructions and works and with Portuguese building materials or Portuguese construction companies”. Said José de Matos, General Manager, APCMC.

“Our companies are investing in new materials, industrialization, construction 4.0, digitalization and new production processes that are more efficient and incorporate more innovation, added value and technology. Our country has a vast cultural and historical heritage and, therefore, there is a unique ability to reconcile traditional techniques and materials with new sustainability requirements and the need to innovate and achieve productivity gains. We use a wide variety of materials, either in the structures of the buildings, or in the insulation, in the coatings, or in the equipment and furniture of well-being. Traditionally, we mainly use ceramics, natural stone, wood, cork and plaster inside buildings. Outside we also use ceramic, natural stone and beautiful ceramic tiles on top of the buildings. In the case of roofs, we have an increase in green roof systems, with natural products such as cork. Metal construction is also on the increase and Portuguese companies have developed systems used in buildings all over the world”. Added Nelson Cristo, Director of International Affairs, ASSIMAGRA.

“In terms of natural stone, Portugal is very well known in the Middle East, for its differentiated materials and products. Today we rank 7th on world trade, which gives us a very special highlight, because a sector in which the size of the territory and its access can dictate the relevance of the country, being Portugal a small country , having a geological richness and a diversity that allows it to offer very different materials and products, it is a source of pride and notoriety. In the natural stone sector, Portugal is also globally recognized for its enormous capacity and know-how. When it comes to ceramic products, Portugal is also well known in the world. Nowadays, people expect a lot from ceramic products. we want them to be high quality, innovative and attractive, providing the convenience and comfort needed for all uses. The Portuguese ceramics industry can do it! Not only trying to adapt to the trends and environments of many countries, cultures and customs, but also respecting global environmental awareness and rational use of energy resources and raw materials. The products aim to ensure durability and increase love for life”. Added Francelina Pinto, Managing Director, ANIET.


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