Top 7 Factory Building Automation Games You Must Try in 2022

Nothing beats the feeling of creating a sprawling factory automating tons of production as players establish trade routes between multiple factories and progress further. First popularized by Factorio, the factory building automation game genre has successfully carved out a place for itself.

Over the past few years, several small and medium-sized studios have come up with their own twists on the factory building automation gaming formula. As a result, fans of the genre now have a wide range of high-quality games to choose from.

This article features an assortment of the seven best factory building automation games.

Top 7 factory building games to kick the automation itch

7. Hydroneer

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The voxel-based terrain system is central to Hydroneer’s gameplay. In this mining sandbox, the main objective is to dig up gold and other resources so that players can build mining machines and erect bases of operation.

Using primitive tools, hydroelectric machines, and player-built structures to dig into, players gradually evolve their operations through the game’s tycoon-style progression system.

6. Automachef

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Rather than building traditional factories, Automachef adds a cooking twist to the lineup, resulting in one of the most eccentric factory building games the genre has to offer.

In this automation-oriented logic puzzle game, players are not only tasked with designing a solution to a given menu, but also maximizing efficiency by trying to use the fewest ingredients, power and money to build everything.

5. City Factory

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The player’s objective in this single-player development project is to build a thriving village in the wilderness, supplied with a wide selection of food, clothing, tools, books, and magical artifacts produced from raw materials.

Rather than being a city builder with elements of automation, Factory Town can best be described as an automation game using settlement builder precedents for its setting and tech tree/framework.

4. Captain of Industry

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Captain of Industry is a factory and colony building simulation game in one. The protagonist’s journey begins with a small crew of survivors on an abandoned island.

On their way to creating a self-sufficient colony, players will have to do the usual things like mining raw materials, growing food, building factories, crafting goods, building vehicles, researching new technologies , exploring their environment and trading with other islands.

The endgame includes a space program where players can build rockets and venture into space. Captain of Industry’s manipulable terrain is what sets it apart.

3. Dyson Sphere program

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Dyson Sphere Program is a factory building automation game with an insane sense of scale. Players must build the most efficient intergalactic factory by harnessing the power of the stars, collecting resources, planning and designing production lines, and growing their interstellar factory from a small space workshop to an industrial empire on the planet. scale of the galaxy.

Regardless of its early access tag, the game contains hundreds of hours of content. At a certain level of infrastructure, resources are no longer an issue, leaving players free to craft the sphere as if they were working clay, leading to all sorts of gigantic, satisfying works of art – it is almost like a spirograph in space.

2. Satisfactory

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Satisfactory stands out from the herd with its first-person, 3D approach where players have a much more personal touch with their factories. The crafted open world is also a key selling point as it rewards exploration and bespoke logistical solutions by joining the satellite factories that players will build on the map.

After the release of Update 5 last year, Satisfactory is way ahead of its peers when it comes to the freedom to build whatever your heart desires. The exploration-focused Update 6 is now on the Experimental branch, and will be coming soon to the stable release as the game nears its full 1.0 release in the next few years.

1. Factorio

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It’s the game that started it all. The granddaddy of factory building automation games is still arguably the best when it comes to logistics management.

For the uninitiated, Factorio is a game where players mine resources, research technology, build infrastructure, automate production, and battle enemy insects as their industrial empire grows and disrupts the inhabitants of the alien planet.

The game has a sprawling modding community, consisting of mods ranging from small tweaks and assist mods to full game overhauls.

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