V Rising Base Building Guide

V rising lets you create your own castle, which functions as your base of operations. A castle allows you to hide from the scorching sunlight, store your belongings safely, and generally look cool. From a humble perimeter of palisades to a grand majestic castle, here’s the guide to building in V rising. Aesthetics not included. Be sure to visit the guide center for the latest strategies, or continue on for our V Rising Building guide!

“I like what you made of the place, really dark and gloomy and eerie.”

V rising: Choose where to build castles

Where you set up your castle will affect your experience. It can’t be too close to main roads or intersect with certain terrain, and you don’t want to set up right next to anyone else, especially on a PvP server. On a private server, you can build anywhere. Public servers will require you to do more scouting and hope someone hasn’t already purchased the real estate. A third level Castle Heart allows you to claim 150 spaces, so you can eventually build a sizable castle. When you first set up your Castle Heart, it will analyze its effectiveness to help you figure out where to place it.

So your first phase of building a castle is to do some exploration. Harvest resources as you go, so when you find your niche, you can start building right away. When opening the map, you can see some areas outlined in yellow. These represent camps, graveyards, and other places where you can acquire resources. Hover over the area to see what they offer: settlements often have man-made goods such as coarse thread and leather. Cemeteries bear bones and lilies of mourning. Areas with nothing nearby tend to offer an abundance of wood and stone.

There are a number of small hills and winding paths that make decent spots for your castles. Although defensible, you’ll likely have less space to build, and these places tend to disappear pretty quickly. Water can act as a natural barrier to many threats, so even a small pond can help you save on defenses. The further away you are from the spawn point, the more dangerous the enemies. By extension, it is more likely to be deserted. Pick a location that’s close enough to your resources, but also gives you room to grow.

V-shaped rising edges
The first step in your base building journey is to create your castle core and borders.

V rising: Your first base

the first things you will need to build are Borders and a Castle Heart. Borders define your territory, preventing other players from building there. The heart serves as a bond for the power of your castle and prevents it from decaying. Power it up using Blood Essence, which drops from creatures you kill. Insert it into the dock with a right click and keep it powered!

Follow the tutorial and build palisades to enclose your base. If daylight is approaching, don’t forget to build a mist brazier. Fill it with bones to block out the sun so you can work in peace. Every bone you burn provides a minute of safety.

Right now you are quite vulnerable to other players taking your supplies. Keep progressing through the tutorial until it asks you to build a proper castle. This will require you to line up 6 planks and 10 stone bricks per wall, so collect as much wood and stone as you can. You will also need additional bricks to create the floors. Convert raw materials using the sawmill and grinder, respectively.

Building the first castle walls will take some time, so you can build more of these crafting stations to speed things up. As you do this, expand your territory and upgrade your Castle Heart to gain more building space. Regularly move your palisades outward to encircle your castle, or tear them down for extra wood.

Once you’ve finished the floors and walls and fenced off the room, it will automatically build a ceiling as well. This will protect you from the sun without using the Mist Brazier. The doors prevent others from entering and looting the place as long as they are closed. The servants won’t open or close the door either, thus avoiding an unfortunate accident. Move your crafting stations indoors to increase their production speed and keep them safe.

V Rising Blood Essence Castle Heart
Keep your Castle Heart powered up to prevent your castle from collapsing.

V rising: Broaden your base

From now on, it’s smooth sailing. Keep expanding your base with Castle Walls and slowly expand your borders to encompass more of the area. It’s easiest to build outward in a square pattern, but depending on your location and previous tastes, this may not be as feasible.

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Remember that the salvage of materials used in construction is reduced the longer the structure is standing, so try to get the edges straight the first time. This is when you can really start decorating and adding rooms and hallways. This is also why choosing such a prime location is so important: you can easily run out of space in a crowded neighborhood.

Be sure to please the neighbors! There is enough room for all the blood-sucking parasites. For more V rising content, be sure to visit our guides hub for all the latest information, or check out the guides below: