Vicksburg Police Reports: Building materials stolen from the 2500 block of Drummond Street – The Vicksburg Post

Building materials were reported stolen from 2521 Drummond St. in Vicksburg on Monday evening.

According to reports from the Vicksburg Police Department, the complainant reported that a contractor was on the property after being repeatedly asked to leave.

The plaintiff said that while on the property, the contractor stole four pallets of antique paver bricks, five pallets of antique face bricks and also destroyed an antique 1887 front door and frame. Door.

The plaintiff filed affidavits for trespass and malicious mischief.

Gunshots were reported in two Vicksburg neighborhoods

In other reports, the Vicksburg Police Department recorded shots fired late Monday near an address on Bazinsky Road and an address on Sky Farm Avenue near Zollingers Hill.

However, in both cases, responding officers found no evidence of gunshots. In the case of the Bazinsky Road call, Constable Lee Williams conducted an investigation and found no evidence.

En route to Sky Farm Avenue, Sgt. Leonce Young was told by the E911 dispatcher that the caller would be waiting at the Salvation Army compound on Mission 66. Once at the facility, Young was unable to make contact with the caller .

Additional patrol requested; Suspicious activity reported

According to police reports, an additional patrol has been requested in the 900 block of Yazoo Street following a recent burglary in the area.

In the 2700 block of Alcorn Drive, New Main Apartments, a report was made of the sale of drugs throughout the complex.

At the River Oaks apartments in the 2500 block of Drummond Street, a burglary was reported, along with suspicious men in the area.