Vines of Sandhill gives more time for amenities

Several residents attended the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on May 13 to let Commissioners know they are concerned about the lack of planned development at The Vines of Sandhill, a community of 393 lots single-family homes between Milton and Georgetown.

Amenities – including a 9,900-square-foot clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and pétanque court – were to be completed within two years of the first building permit being issued. The subdivision was approved in 2008, but the first building permit was not issued until 2017.

Developer Anthony Sposato requests that the layout plan match the approved stage plan, which requires amenities to be built no later than 136e the certificate of occupancy is issued and construction is expected to begin in fall 2021. The stage plan was approved when the project was granted a six-month extension to begin construction.

So far 74 houses have been built in the community along Huff Road. “Seventy-four is not a large number to support a clubhouse and pool with HOA dues. 30 to 60 other houses would contribute. You might want to consider this, ”Commissioner Bruce Mears told residents. “But people want what they pay for.”

“People have waited a long time, so we have to start as soon as possible,” said Commissioner Holy Wingate.

Commission Chairman Bob Wheatley said the housing market is strong and more permits will be issued. “I think the public would prefer a deadline relative to the number of permits. They want to know a fixed date, ”he said.

County staff said 27 new building permits have been issued so far in the past two years.

After lengthy discussions, on a motion by Commissioner Kim Hoey Stevenson, the commission voted 4-1 to allow the developer to begin construction of the amenities within six months with completion within 18 months (November 2022) or by l ‘issue of 136e building permit. Mears voted against the time extension.

Wheatley said during the review of the subdivision, the developer usually offers a building permit number when equipment is due for completion. “Most of the time, we accept their numbers,” he says.

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