Voting is on for the ugliest building on UoB campus

You’ve decided on the ranking of six of the biggest eye sores

Although we may be biased, we think the University of Birmingham, the UK’s first red-brick university, is the most beautiful campus in the country. Take a look from Aston Webb, across Chancellor’s Court, through the arch of the Law Building towards the library and you’ll soon see why.

However, although the campus dates back to 1875, rapid expansion during the 1960s saw many buildings spring up which, while serving a purpose, are far from picturesque.

The Birmingham Tab used Instagram polls to hear from you, Birmingham students. More than 500 people took part. Here are the six buildings you ranked as UoB’s least attractive locations on campus.

Last place – Arts Pavilion

While it’s not the ugliest building on campus, receiving just 20 votes, the upkeep of the exterior of the Arts Building earns it a spot on this list. It follows the red brick theme so it doesn’t stand out too much, but you have to hate those awful green panels on the top floor. Horrible color choice.

5th Place – School of Education

Located on the outskirts of the university, the School of Education stands tall with 166 votes. Many may not know this is the School of Education, as the sign at the entrance is so tiny it could be mistaken for the prison. The environment doesn’t help his case either; those dead bushes to the left only add to the depressing atmosphere. They could potentially create a mini Green Heart 2.0, put all the tuition money to good use.

4th Place – Muirhead Tower

Talk about a fall from grace. The winner of last year’s ugliest building on campus doesn’t even qualify for the top three this year. I guess brutalist architecture started to grow among UoB students. Perhaps the view of Starbucks at the bottom of the tower somewhat offsets its imposing exterior. However, it was a close call against the University Center. A total of 492 people voted on the poll and there was only a difference of 10 votes between the two buildings, awarding Muirhead 241 votes.

3rd place – University Center

It was once again a close call between third and second place with just eleven votes separating the two. The University Center received 105 votes out of the 499 that were sent for the final round. The University Center’s aesthetic isn’t the most exciting, and the color scheme doesn’t do it any favors either. If only it was covered with a giant sign saying “burritos inside”. Maybe it would redeem him to make the top three on this list.

2nd Prize – Strathcona

The building is obscured by Muirhead if you try to spot it from the Green Heart, which to be honest is probably a good thing. If you decide to search for this “hidden gem”, you will find a sad looking structure that slightly resembles a snail. Standing next to the School of Education, these buildings form an unattractive cluster of constructions that were probably best left to the previous century. 116 votes put Strathcona second for the ugliest building on campus.

1st place – Biosciences

And finally, with 199 votes, The Birmingham Tab presents the winner of the title “Ugliest Building on Campus 2022”. Shaped like a shoebox, it’s one of the first pieces of ugly architecture to assault the eyes of Selly Oak students on their way to college. While it may house some of Birmingham’s greatest biological discoveries, here it takes the crown as the most unsightly establishment on campus.

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