Waste from Noida twin towers to be recycled into green building materials by Hyderabad company


Photo: ANI

Hyderabad: Asia’s leading environmental management company, Re Sustainability Limited (formerly Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited), based in Hyderabad, has been tasked with managing the construction and demolition (C&D) waste produced by the demolition of the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida , Uttar Pradesh.

Re Sustainability has three months to remove the remaining 30,000 tonnes of debris from the 12-second cascading implosion process used to demolish the illegal building. Despite safety measures, the demolition produced almost 30,000 tonnes of C&D waste, which included concrete, steel and iron.

To ensure efficient garbage collection and recycling systems, the company will process 300 tonnes of garbage per day at its state-of-the-art C&D waste processing and recycling plant in Noida. Although the plant can absorb around 850 tonnes per day, only 350 tonnes of the city’s typical waste is transported daily.

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According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Masood Mallick, “In terms of our relationships with industries, we look forward to seeing magnificent infrastructure developed using recycled materials made only by our C&D plant in Noida.”

Masood said the plan is to process the rubble of the Apex and Ceyane twin towers into 9,000 metric tons (MT) of coarse and fine sand and 18,000 MT of construction aggregate in the sizes of 10mm, 20mm and 40. mm. He pointed out that his company is the sole concessionaire for construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling for Noida Authority.

Across the country, Re Sustainability has been at the forefront of many sustainable solutions. One of the most effective C&D projects in the country has to be the Noida Waste Recycling Facility. Manufactured sand, aggregates, tiles, pavers and precast concrete products are some of the plant’s finished recycled products. According to him, each of these things replaces precious natural resources.

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